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7th-Jul-2008 02:47 pm - A Word to the Wise
diet coke
Even though papaya and passion fruit looks the same when they're cut into chunks, they do NO taste the same.
3rd-Jul-2008 10:04 am - I'll Send and SOS to the World
running gun
Who would ever think I'd be in the middle of a sting operation while at work?
1st-Jul-2008 02:00 pm - Drama-Rama
Today is a somewhat drama filled day.

Robberies at TT.

And people quitting their jobs because they're moving to Mexico. Tomorrow. You'd think that would have been something we would have been given a heads up about. But we weren't because said employee has been suspended for the past week for failing to turn in her TB test results.

A good day.
18th-Jun-2008 11:31 am - Things of Today:
jj's fishhouse
1. I woke up a little late today and so had to rush out the door to make it to the trolley on time. Therefore my breakfast, once I'd gotten to work, consisted of half a bag of nacho cheese doritos and a cookie.
2. My office's Arrow water cooler exploded, by which I mean suddenly started leaking all over the floor.
3. I'm reporting on our monthly progress report that there were 78 youth available for ILS services in the south region during the month of May, yet somehow we provided services to 82 youth over the age of 17.5.

And it's not even noon.
13th-Aug-2007 01:55 pm - You Are The One True Tomato
ice cream truck
Let's discuss how:

not packing a lunch + leaving one vehicle back at camp hope = no food for megan

shall we?
10th-Aug-2007 09:01 am - the wonders of the drug world
diet coke
I have become a hydrocortisone junkie. I currently have it smeared all over the 45 bug bites that are all over my ankles and feet. I counted, and there honestly are 45 bites. I am not happy. I am itchy. I have had it on for half an hour and I want more.
13th-Jun-2007 03:10 pm - Update
thunder road
And it's official. Chris Quaka, the Wolf Unit Leader (who, ps, I am in love with) sent out a TL Update today saying that the TL application deadline has been extended to Friday since they are now looking to fill the Eagle 4 position as well as the Eagle 6. Heath's not even back at the Point yet. They didn't even give him a chance.

So. A goodbye to our fallen Eagles. Cap'n Crawford and my Big Brother. I will miss you.
12th-Jun-2007 05:56 pm - Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
charlie brown
Really, what is happening to the Team Leaders this year? And mostly, what is happening to the Eagle Unit?

Kirk, Fire 3 - kicked out for green on gray - replaced by Bridget
Megan, Eagle 2 - was temporarily replaced in her position as TL due to a missing MVR (lost by a staff member at B15) - temporarily replaced by Ali
Kim, Fire 5 - somehow ended up with all the rejects of class XIII nd so has her resignaion letter saved on her computer for when she finally snaps
Michael, Wolf 5 - suspended for 5 days after being falsly accused of green on gray with his ATL
Sarah, Wolf 4 - pretty much voted off the island by her team - replaced by April
Eric, Eagle 6 - quit due to unsatisfaction with B-15 support, anxieties, and a developing relationship with one of his corps members (who incidently quit a week later)- aplications due tomorrow, probably to be replaced by either Christine or Happy, though temporarily replaced by Ali
Jory, Eagle 1 - in major trouble over a practical joke she may have wanted to let her team do without her which Chris Quaka in no way thought was funny (though it was okay with the STL's and UDA's did it to his office)
and now Heath, Eagle 4 - dismissal hearing on Thursday after he self disclosed to Mike that he smoked pot over the weekend - more than likely to be replaced in the near future.

And if that all seems bad, you should hear the number of corp members wanting to switch teams and quit the program for rediculous reasons. Remind me why I decided to come back for Class Unlucky Thirteen?
11th-Jun-2007 04:07 pm - Break Me Off A Piece of That
So this may not entirely make sense, but I don't feel like writing my thoughts all over again so I'm just copying in exactly what I wrote in the Team Leader Comments part of my team's Weekly Progress Report. I'm not having a good day, ps.

"So Ali, since this first half of the year is almost over can I tell you that I’m sorry for any and all times I was that problem corps member…and didn’t wear a belt?

I cannot wait for transition and break. I hate to say it, but I cannot wait to just get away from my team for a while. It just never ends. I feel like I am Mom to seven rediculousy bratty children. Every single one of them, even my strongest and hardest working, are so very wrapped up in themselves. And I can’t seem to make them see that not everything is about them, that this program is about so much more. I’m so tired of them. And I hate that I feel this way.

I’ve mentioned our issues with Brian, and while he’s making an effort to be better, the rest of the team doesn’t want to see that and complain to me when they have to work with him. Tey don’t understand that he can’t change overnight, that they need to help him change, they’re just done. There are really only so may times that I can coax them into working with Brian. I’m at the point where I really just want to sit all my corps members down and tell them to shove it.

I’m tired of babysitting. Tristan doesn’t seem to understand that he’s a week behind on hours because he’s taken all his personal leave and so many sick days. He tells me that he’ll do extra work around the church, but so far he’s only worked extra when I’ve forced him to. And I shouldn’t have to do that. I know that I can’t leave him alone, that either Jenna or Aaron or Hilary needs to be at the worksite with him, making sure he’s working. I don’t understand so many of the people who are here. There just seems to be such a difference between this year and last year, and not wanting to be one to judge because I really have no right to, but there are some people I really wonder what made them decide to join. I shouldn’t have to convince you to work each day.

So many of my corps members lack so much common sense and almost all respect for the fact that we’re housed in a church. We’re borrowing this space. We have to treat it the way they expect. We have to follow their rules and respect the fact that this is a functioning church. And many of the church members don’t really want us here and are not respectful to the idea that we’re not all church going Christians and so I’m tired of being the peacekeeper between disrespectful corps members and disrespectful church members.

I don’t understand how they can be so petty, that they have to keep score all the time. I can’t explain to them why they don’t all get their way all of the time, why they’re not always going to like what needs to be done or where they’re going, and I’m tired of trying.

I know that I’m being rediculous today and my team leader comments just turned into me whining and I’m sure as soon as I send in my WPR I’m going to regret mentioning half of this, but I’m tired of constantly disappointing someone on my team, that nothing ever satisfies everyone. I’m tired of being questioned in everything I do, that they think anything that happens is on a whim. I’m tired of every minute of every day going from person to person to person and convincing them to work at this place today or convincing them to work with this person today. I love my team, despite what it may sound like in here, but I’m just tired. It’s time for break."
23rd-May-2007 07:04 am(no subject)
The trouble with punishing corps members? When you make them get up wicked early to clean the bathrooms because they were super late yesterday morning, you have to get up too. I wish I was still sleeping.
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